Jugger Basilisken Basel TRAINING TEAM

Alex played Jugger for 2.5 years in Stuttgart with the Problemkinder @jugger.stuttgart. Because of moving to Basel, Switzerland, he had to take a break from the sport. Missing his passion, it didn't take long before he decided to introduce Switzerland to Jugger. He started inviting likeminded, motivated people to try out the game. Some of them sticked around and soon Jugger Basilisken Basel was born. Alex built all of our starter Pompfen by himself and is still our most active Pompfenbuilder and - fixer. Alex likes to give everyone on the field a hard time when he plays the chain and doesn't get less dangerous whilst switching to the staff. With lots of experience he's also quite useful as a qwik, seemingly never running out of energy. He has a huge collection of board games and has a soft spot for old digital games. He once said the N64 was his favourite console. He is unstoppable when playing Super Smash Bros 64 and Mario Kart 64.